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March 17, 2006

Content Goals

Filed under: Motivation — Luke @ 5:19 pm

In this blog I intend to write and publish good, thought-provoking articles on topics related to personal growth and accelerated learning, on a regular basis. I do not want to post anything useless or redundant, and will leave current events alone. This is a deeper, more philosophical and educational type of blog.

Last week I made a similar blog, at which I was able to maintain a steady 5-post count for 7 days straight. It was a bit difficult at times, yet fun, and I believe it has helped my personal growth a lot. Setting the quota of 5 posts per day was an act of courage, and I’m glad I followed through on it. It proved that this is possible for me. I feel I can not only repeat that success again this week, I can continue in that success for an unlimited number of weeks.

I also intend to make money on this blog. There is no shame in that. Everyone has to make money to live, and if I can do it by working hard to write helpful articles that benefit people I should certainly do so. I also believe the money will come in it’s own good time when I have created enough value to have earned it. There is no call for begging without providing value, so I will provide legitimate goods and services in order to obtain the positive cashflow that I need.

G general topics
O  \\personal development \\accelerated learning \\personality types
O frequency
D  \\5 posts per day \\avoiding redundancy \\maintaining quality
S purpose
T  \\create personal growth \\maintain rhythm \\make money

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