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March 18, 2006

The Amazing 60-Second Nap

Filed under: Motivation — Luke @ 6:25 am

Here is a strategy to focus your mind if you are tired and need to do something important. Close your eyes and count slowly to 60 at a steady rate. As you count, try to visualize each number. They don’t have to look the same each time (for me they are always in a different font or context) but try and make a picture of them nonetheless. If other thoughts come in, don’t worry, just keep counting until you reach 60. When you reach 60, open your eyes and go right back to work.

You don’t need to lie down to do this, or bow your head. This places you in a portion of the sleep cycle where you haven’t lost muscle control or consciousness yet. Since it only lasts 60 seconds, the benefits in terms of restored focus far outweigh the time spent with your eyes closed.

How does it work? I believe it restores your biological rhythms which, are slightly out of whack when you are stressed out or unfocused. Any overly erratic neurological impulses get evened out and replaced by a regular one-second beat. Cells that were up to their limit are able to re-stock themselves with glucose and oxygen, and the four functions of consciousness (thought, feeling, sensing, and intuition) are given a chance to get into harmony.

Another use for this technique is getting to sleep. I combine this with imagining a reversal of direction on each function, which results in enough of a drain of mental energy to put me to sleep.

6 Technique
0  \\close eyes \\count to 60 \\visualize numbers
S Uses
E  \\clear fatugue \\refocus mind \\get to sleep
C How it works
   \\restore rhythm \\replenish nutrients \\harmonize functions

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