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March 19, 2006

Motivational Dynamics

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How can you motivate yourself unfailingly? And more important, how can you stay that way? Here are some tricks and tips.

Commit to a long-term goal. Note that I didn’t say “think about a long term goal.” It is easy to day-dream about a nice long-term goal without it bearing any fruit. It is also easy to be afraid to commit because it seems like you might want to change your mind. Well, if you find a truly better goal to switch to, that is okay! But if is an equal or worse goal, it is not worth switching. For example, I could quit working on blogs if it would make me a millionaire to do so, but that is not going to happen. More than likely, the reverse is the case.

Put it in words that make sense to your personality type. For me, this means questions like “Wouldn’t it be interesting to accomplish this?” That is because I am INT, and am motivated by intruguing questions and factual analyses. But for a feelings person, it might be more like: “Wouldn’t it feel so good if you accomplished this?” For me that would be a non-motivating statement — maybe even cause me to stubbornly resist.

Build your support group. Everyone has one, it’s human nature, they just don’t always put it to the best use. It can be your family, your friends, or even online buddies. People have a way of motivating each other, and talking about your goals a bit will usually get you a lot of encouragement. Even negative comments can be used for motivation — you don’t want them to be right about how wrong you are!

Pour it in concrete. Write it down, think about it more than one day in a row. Obsess over it a bit, even. The more it goes into your long-term memory and habitual thoughts, the more likely you will go through with it. Pray about it if you believe.

When all else seems to fail, eliminate distractions. This means movies, novels, messes, junk foods, unproductive social events, comics, and anything else that distracts you. This may seem like a goal in itself, but it’s really just a step towards a bigger, better goal. Wherever you want to be in two years, whether it’s pro athlete, millionaire, happily married, highly credentialed, or whatever else you have in mind, it won’t ever come if you are distracted every 15 minutes.

I’m not saying don’t have a life. Have a good one, but not every 15 minutes of every day. Fill your time and attention with things that are accomplishing the goal, and get rid of the things that are doing the opposite. That is the only way to stay motivated.

O - Long-term goal
N    : commit : don't switch for worse : keep in mind daily
T - Personality type
R    : address stronger traits : wrong emphasis can detract
A - Support group
C    : family : friends : online : take encouragement : resist negative
K - Distractions
     : eliminate as part of goal : occaisonal pleasures are more fun



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