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March 19, 2006

The VI Editor

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Today I learned a lot about the VI editor that I did not know. Even though it is the editor I usually use when I am in a terminal window, I unfortunately had not taken the trouble to learn all of it’s aspects. Now I look back and think of how much easier it would have been had I only learned this sooner.

There are many tutorials which a simple web search reveals. By simply running the command “vimtutor” from the command prompt, and following it through to the end (instead of quitting in the middle as I had before) I learned about 10 new commands, the lack of which knowledge has doubtless cost me many days worth of productivity.

Perhaps this laziness is because I got used to the Macintosh way of doing things: Make things so intuitive that no tutorial is necessary. But now that I understand how vi works underneath, I might actually switch to using it even when I am not in a terminal window — it is really that cool of an application. Instead of hurting my productivity, it will make me even more productive.

In life there are many things that we put off studying until we have already wasted counteless hours on less efficient methods of doing things. If we instead identify and learn these things comprehensively, we can save a whole lot more time and effort down the road.

VI Editor
ED  : many tutorials available : unlearned commands are useless
IT Time
OR  : spent wisely, saves later : spent foolishly, costs add up

Relavent Links:
VI Lover’s Homepage
An Extremely Quick and Simple Introduction to the Vi Text Editor


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