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March 20, 2006

Fe Fi Fo Fum, Terminology on the Run

Filed under: Personality Types, Writing & Education — Luke @ 11:32 am

Lately I have been using a mock-MBTI version of the personality type letters system. Instead of putting a J or P at the end, I determine order of traits by simply writing them in order. EFS, ITN instead of ESFJ or INTJ. It’s simpler and makes more sense to my mind.

However it is prone a little to misunderstanding. A bit like the vi editor or the forth language, it is really ridiculously simple once you know it, but you do have to know it for it to make any sense. If you don’t know that traits alternate, you won’t know that IFN means extroverted intuition, for example.

That is why I sometimes use the longhand literal form of appending a lowercase letter telling the directedness of a given letter. Although it is more cumbersome to write, it has the advantage of being harder to misunderstand. This is where I put “FeSiNeTi”, “TiNeSiFe”, or “FiNeSiTe”.

With all that CamelCaps, you can see why I get tired of it. But it is easier to see what I’m saying if you are still learning the system. Also, in communication it is nice to be able to use the abbreviations like “Fe” instead of “extroverted feeling” because it cuts down on the conversational workload.

My type is INT. That means Ni with Te, which come with Fi and Se. Go figure. 🙂

S Mock-MB
H  really easy : has slight learning curve
O CamelCaps version
R  too long : educational value : abbreviations useful


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