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March 22, 2006

Store-Bought Meat

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I have been giving some thought to avoiding store bought meat. We have a whole recently butchered pig in the freezer, which was corn-fed it’s entire life and humanely slaughtered. I don’t feel guilty about eating it. However, when I think about the likelihood that the beef, pork, chicken, and turkey from the store was raised by a factory-farm optimized for profit at the expense of the animal’s comfort, it makes me a bit uneasy.

Capitalism has advantages, but it has it’s disadvantages as well. One of these is that where living creatures are concerned, it rewards the farmer who figures the most ingenious way to fatten them up for slaughter quicker and cheaper, over the farmer who keeps them comfortable and healthy.

Unfortunately, most of the time organically grown meat is sold for around $6/lb. I would prefer to be vegetarian or vegan, rather than pay that kind of money. The pig we recently had some friends help us slaughter and butcher was about $0.50/lb, plus labor. It goes to show how much better of a deal you can get if you are willing to do some of the work. It is also an advantage of living in the country.

What bugs me about eating animals which have been forced to suffer discomfort for economic reasons, is that I believe God cares about me. It stands to reason (particularly in light of certain scriptures) that He would care at least to some meaningful degree about animals as well, and that if they are being tortured as a result of my economic decisions, it is displeasing to Him.

Aside from that, there are health reasons (injected hormones, high-disease conditions, feeding of mammal parts, mad cow disease) and conscience. I don’t want more on my conscience than is necessary. Not eating tortured animals will likely reduce the subconscious temptation to turn a blind eye towards the suffering of humans.

H store-bought meat
U  cheapest way not always healthy : unpleasant conditions often used
M spiritual consequences
A  mistreating animals is sinful : supporting sin is also wrong
N alternatives
E  humanely raised animals : vegetarian : vegan

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