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March 21, 2006

Being Vigilant

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North Korea has been threatening to nuke the US several times recently. This seems to be because they feel like our present administration’s statements that they have an evil government is an insult. I think it is time for a few tempers to cool down, before we start having to worry about mass deaths and radiation poisoning.

We should be fair to the perspective of each side. North Korea has been working hard for a long time to try and improve their nation and defend it’s culture. This is a good thing. We all try to improve and defend ourselves, and that is honourable. However, it is not good that they have taken some wrong turns in the past, leading to widespread starvation and poverty. Flawed beliefs are always more evil than the people that hold wrong beliefs.

What is a bad belief that Korean officials have? I think they have many prideful individuals who take their nationalism to an extreme. I’m not talking about the genuine pride in their culture, their language, or their people. These are a good thing. Good pride is that which preserves who you are, and keeps you strong and alive. Bad pride is what causes you to lash out at people who seem to insult you rather than trying to do better. Thinking that others are insulting you when in reality they are trying to make sure you improve, is a form of bad pride, and also a type of paranoia.

America has a powerful army, for the simple reason that not having an army would mean much more risk of being ruthlessly slaughtered in today’s world. If it were not for the risk of being killed for not having one, we would have never created a military in the first place. It’s a big monetary expenditure and has been historically used for tyranny, which we are ideologically opposed to. But to choose between having one and being massacred, people in the US feel it is better not to die. That is why we are proud of our military and support them in their efforts to aid the cause of freedom.

We do not want to kill anyone. It is wrong to kill people unless they are a direct threat to you and those you care about. Nobody should rejoice when other people die, even people they think are bad. We really hate that kind of thing in our culture. That is why we got so mad about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Extremists like Saddam Hussein were rejoicing when the towers fell. That makes us far more angry than the deaths of the people themselves.

Saddam believed we were the evil ones when he helped finance and train the terrorists. He thought he was helping the world out, somehow making it a safer place for his country. That was an incorrect belief, and was responsible for the deaths of many innocent people. It is not so important for us to know that he was personally responsible, as it is that the bad beliefs that he had and clung to were responsible. We should be vigilant against terrorism, but even more so against self-deception.

V bad beliefs
I  bring bad results : create worse people : need changed
G good beliefs
I  bring good results : create good people : need defended
L american military
A  exists to defend good people : doesn't exist to murder people
N self-deception
T  a battle everyone faces : unchecked, leads to great sorrow

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